Podcast Interview

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As I continue to work toward my game plan I am struggling in some certain areas. Assessment in Physical Education has always been a hard topic for educators. It is always the main topic of discussion when my colleagues and I meet. When you have rubrics made up in P.E. that is not the hard part to follow but it is the professional judgment piece that comes in. Because it is physical movement it is not as clear cut as other content areas. You have to have an extremely detailed rubric and then it is pretty much up to your professional judgement to decide whether is a student is advanced, proficient, basic or below basic. I would like some more imput or things from people on assessment in physical education. Health is probably the easiest thing to assess because students have a set amount they do. All of the other skills are very grey. Other than that my progress on my action plan are going according to plan I just need to be introduced to some more assessment options.

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