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Sunday, October 23, 2011


As I reflect on the last seven weeks and learning about different technology strategies I have gained a tremendous amout of knowledge to help me in the phases I wanted to improve upon in helping developing my personal game plan. I wanted to improve on including technology within my classroom as well as assessing in my gymnasium. As far as using technology I have become better at incorporating blogs in my health and p.e. classes. I have also incorporated digital story telling with my fitness testing and I plan to do more of it when I teach new units to students. This will help the students get a visual on what they are supposed to be doing and how certain skills are supposed to look at an advanced level. When I look at my assessment skills as a physical educator I still need to improve on this. In P.E. there is quite a grey area when it comes to assessing. There are of course rubrics to follow but there is also a lot of professional judgement that comes into factor. Its not so cut and dry like some content areas. I need to continue to find good resources to help guide my instruction to become a better assessor. However, I feel the skills and strategies I learned in this class will help guide me to become a better teacher and contine to be a life long learner.

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