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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Application 2: Designing my Game Plan

After looking at the ISTE website. I found a couple of indicators that I felt very comfortable with and a couple indicators that I feel I could drastically improve upon. The indicators I feel that I have a good grasp on are Facilitating and Inspiring Student Learning and Creativity. I believe I have a great environment in my gymnasium and the students are able to express themselves both athletically and individually. I also am very confident that I Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility. The three main rules not only in my Physical Education class but as well as our school is being Safe, Respectful and Responsible. Maintaining a safe and responsible environment in my P.E. class is one of the biggest things I take pride in.

My goals are to improve my game plan is to learn how to become better and learn to design and age level experiences and assessments. I have a good start provided by our district assessments on assessments however for the rest of my units I need to become better to provide more validity when doing my district assessments for more accurate data. To become better at this I am just going to continue to create data each and everyday in my class room to see what areas my students are distinguished at and what areas they need to improve upon and how my assessments can help clear up that grey area I sometimes struggle with.  My second goal is to become better at incorporating technology into my curriculum. I know in Physical Education we need to have our students move and be active because our society is becoming heavily dependent on technology and sitting around. However, in my field I need to create more technology opportunities that align and go with my physical education curriculum and the movement of students. This will benefit the students the most. Incorporating technology with physical activity will get our students extremely excited and more motivated to be physical active and live healthy lifestyles. I will then evaluate using checklists and rubrics on how much my students are improving in the skills we are learning as well as their overall understanding of health and being physically active. Focusing on these indicators will not only help me become a better educator but make my students more successful and get them excited and more motivated individuals.

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