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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Reflection

After going through this course, I learned a tremendous amount of skills that will help me to continue to grow as a Physical Educator. When reflecting on my personal learning theory, I noticed that I do have some modifications after going through this course. Before the class started I stated that in my physical education classes I used a lot of demonstrating techniques so the students got a good grasp on the things we were doing. Learning is basically a matter of reinforcement. If you get the behavior you want then you reinforce it (Laureate Education, Inc., 2010). Some of the things I modified were incorporating instructional strategies. I felt like it was very important to contribute these to my classes because it allows my students to learn and understand things you are trying to accomplish and makes your class run that much smoother. By doing this I really focused on identifying similarities and differences amongst my students. In physical education it is very important for the students to know what they can do but also be aware of what the other students can do so they are accepting and respectful of others. This eliminates any off task or behavior issues right away.
 So far in this program I have learned a ton of new ways to incorporate technology into my physical education classes. I really liked the voice threads. There are a  number of different ways voice threads can be incorporated in my class whether it is in regards to new activities we are doing or health units. I think it would be good to introduce each unit by what health component it goes with. Then do a voice thread for that specific health component. The only trouble I have to do this is adequate amount of time. I am already strapped for time so I need to pick and choose how much technology I incorporate and when I do so.  
A couple goals, I have to integrate more technology in my classes will be to use at least one type of technology tool I have learned at least once every quarter. For example, using voice threads and using heart rate monitors when we are doing different types of activities and not just fitness testing. I believe that being able to see the students work hard in a game they are enjoying would be a good way to test their heart rate and relate it to activities they are enjoying. I will use these with different types of activities as well.
With all the new information I have gained I know my students will be more involved and engaged in my activities.  Rather than just simply having me demonstrate and then allow them practice time with the new skills. Incorporating new technology ideas keeps your units and your curriculum exciting and up to date with our 21st century student. With all the new things going on in the world today I need to keep up with my students so I can keep them involved and excited in Physical Education. My long term goals for my Physical Education classes will be to just continue to grow as an educator. Continue to  gain more information from my graduate program and integrate it as needed within my curriculum. With the world around us always changing it is very important for us as teachers to change with it so we can be influential in the lives of our students and help them grow into great students and great people.
Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010). Program one. Understanding the brain [Webcast]. Bridging learning theory, instruction and technology. Baltimore, MD.

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