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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

When first looking around at the Partnership for 21st Century Skills I thought to myself what is this? I had a tough time finding things and understanding what the website was about. After awhile, I thought what a great website to have for our future in education and our 21st century students. This organization advocates readiness in regards to innovation for every student. It is a great way for both teachers and students to enhance education by keeping up with the three R's and four C's (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation). When exploring the organization website I looked through all the news and notes the website had about announcements and the productivity that was going on to keep this organization running at a top notch level.

Teachers need training in instructional technology and 21st century skills so they can learn how to embed these skills into their classroom and also have a support system (Miners & Pascopella, 2007). One thing I found interesting when going to the state initiatives tab is how the certain state department of education really backed this organization and had a complete list of initiatives mapped out to best educate their students and have them ready to enter our 21st century and have all the essential skills needed to be productive in society. It was also good to see that certain states had 21st century standards side by side with state standards. I appreciated that they were still concerned with their content standards and were aligning them to see where they fit with the 21st century standards.

Other information I found beneficial from the site was under the tools tab and seeing that they offer Professional Development. I feel this is a great thing to offer the teachers so that we can be informed and be able to provide the accurate education of these tremendous resources. I believe this is a great tool that our government, districts, and organizations are putting together to offer the knowledge and tools to combine with our own curriculum to all and all better prepare our children for the society they soon will enter in the 21st century.

Miners, Z., & Pascopella, A. (2007). The new literacies. District Administration, 43(10), 26–34

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