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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog In My Classroom

To develop a blog for my Physical Education class I will use this as a feedback and suggestion box. It would be a great way to interact with students on a daily basis to get feedback to see how well they are enjoying whatever they are learning in my class and also get suggestions on units and games they would like to see in the future. It would also be a good way to let them share games with me. I always have students come up to me in class and say can we try this game or that game. With having a blog it would be a great way to get all the ideas from all your students and not take away any additional class time.


  1. Being able to obtain feedback from students enables teachers to reflect upon personal practice and improve their classroom setting. When students are given the opportunity to share input related to personal interests, they develop a sense of belonging and inclusion. Because a blog is an interactive site that can be made public, students would be able to interact with physical education students worldwide. This opportunity can allow for a broader scope into the field of education that also enables the addition of cultural learning. This interaction between different cultures establishes a physical education class that is much more than team sports and fitness tests. This sounds like a great opportunity to involve a student and encourage further learning through the use of a blog. I would suggest that class time incorporates a trip to the computer lab to make sure that all students are given an equal opportunity to participate.

  2. If you wanted to, you could also expand your blog to include a sort of 'question and answer' aspect as well. You could encourage your students to post any health, physical education, or sports questions that they have. This would allow your students to have a forum of sorts to post their inquiries to. This could also help encourage the interaction between your students since they would be able to post their thoughts or ideas to other students' questions as well.

  3. Being a PE teacher, when and where would you have your students blog regarding PE? I'm assuming that you don't have computers in the gym. What if you chose one day a week for students to make a trip down to the computer lab and comment or ask questions about the units? You could also have your students find information about a sport they want to play or write a short report and then have them post that on your class blog. What do you think? Unfortunately it will take time out of your play time to use computers. To make the trip to the lab, have students log in with a partner I would assume, blog, log out and then get back to the gym. Classroom management would be tough with this wouldn't it?